Okuma Distance Surf Arena 8000
On order and new to stock will be the Okuma Distance Surf Arena Fixed spool reels priced around £65 each
Savage Gear Super Hard Fluorocarbon 50m
A good line for rubbing leaders when wrecking or fishing banks etc round the 20lb mark which allows the leader length to snap before the main line also doubles up as a gilling hook length 
On Order are the USA version of the Akios CTM 656 which will be in RED with stainless gear only 50 being made delivery should be 23rd February these should make a good reel for mixed ground and bigger stronger fish 
Inova tackle delivery
Delivery of Inova Bait and line braid scissors with sheath plus Inova Rig Wrappers and Inova Anglers Towels also delivery clips for the fury fixed spool reels drive shaft that keep the line guard in position plus Akios fibre brake blocks